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Loveleigh Skin & Body targets all skin conditions & concerns. Working with Advanced Skincare solutions such as Dermafix CosmeceuticalsMesoestetics, and Biotherapeutic devices they do a range of Skin Corrective Therapies, Relaxing facial treatments, Collagen Induction treatments as well as Skin Resurfacing procedures.


Skincare treatments to focus on intense decongestion, hydration, exfoliation benefits, age reversal and prevention with registered devices from BioTherapeuticⓇ and advanced Cosmeceutical products. Our expertise lie in the treatment of Acne and Rosacea.




Advanced Corrective

A must for all first time skincare clients prior to first time skincare or aesthetic treatments. A comprehensive analysis, product prescription, supplement advice & an explanation of further steps into your skincare journey - 30 mins


Great to lift redundant skin cells & freshen up. An express treatment including steaming, exfoliation & extractions. Ideal between corrective facials and for teens -  30 mins


Focusing on deep mechanical or chemical exfoliation and extractions with the BT-MicroⓇ, steaming and detoxing with active ingredients on a cellular and superficial level, includes pressure point facial massage - 60 mins


Moisture level analysis with the BT-AnalyseⓇ, advanced serum penetration with BT-MicroⓇ + enzymology mask treatment. Isolation and intensive treatment of each condition, allowing many factors to be corrected in one session. Includes pressure point facial massage & shoulder massage - 75 mins



Using Mesoestetic Solutions we are able to correct many skin concerns in isolation or in conjunction with each other. All Dermapen treatments include a new needle, per client, per appointment. These patented, specialised & sterile needles ensure direct solution delivery safely into the skin for optimum results. Each treatment includes a recovery mask application.

Age Reversal + rejuvenation

Sundamage + scarring

Tone, Tighten + firm


Hair growth + stimulation

stimulation cellular regeneration + repair ensuring cellular stimulation. Improved hydration, collagen + elasticity.

cellular level exfoliation for premature ageing caused by excessive sun exposure, and damage to the skins tone, colour, and structure.

Promotes dermal thickening and improves firmness and structure to the extracellular matrix

Powerful combination of active substances that performs a brightening, depigmenting and anti-oxidant action.

A powerful hair follicle stimulator and protector. Working on the hair loss causing effects from the root to tip

R1000 per treatment

+ R150 per sterile serum

the widest range of medical devices (class III) for intradermal administration, for facial and body treatment. Serums are registered with a CE trademark thus known as a REGISTERED MEDICAL DEVICE.


Using Mesoestetics & Dermafix we offer a wide variety of Skin resurfacing options. All chemical peels must be performed safely by a Skin Care Professional and require little or no downtime for the client, producing visible results. A 28-day pre-treatment program is needed to prepare the skin for the deeper peeling systems.




BetaPlus Gel Peel

Loveleigh Signature Peel

Periocular Peel

cellular regeneration + repair ensuring cellular stimulation. Improved hydration + skin texture Broad-spectrum peel

cellular level exfoliation for premature ageing caused by excessive sun exposure, and damage to the skins tone, colour, and structure.

a refreshing treatment aimed at Lentigens, Melasma, Actinic Keratosis, Acne, Fine lines. Perfect for a pre dermapen treatment.

a deep cleansing, dirt scouring formula to reach deep into the skin and draw out impurities.

a beautiful skin boost for all skins needing a 'pick me up'. Mild flaking may occur.

dark pigmentation circles under the eye + loose aged skin